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Your Horoscope – July 20, 2022


Your body may be on the job, but your heart will want to party. A promotion announced at work should provoke some demonstration of your joy. Vacation is meant for fun; try to enjoy it.


You’ll have lots to get done while dealing with some confusion. Take a few moments of reflection before springing into action. You’ll refill on imagination and be able to create a true masterpiece.


You have a great entourage, but you’ll inevitably have to raise your voice to be heard. You may feel some fatigue after that, so be sure to get some rest. You may need to rely on hindsight this week.


You’ll find yourself with a host of responsibilities on your hands, and time will be scarce. Even on vacation, you’ll need to use a diary to coordinate the activities you want to do.


You’ll take a spontaneous vacation. You’ll find the pleasure you’re looking for. You may consider the idea of going back to school to launch a new, more stimulating career.


You’ll be emotional, which signals that you need to make a change. After some effort and a big clean-up, you’ll find your smile again. It’s all a matter of simply getting your priorities back in line.


You’ll be well equipped to negotiate in both business and personal matters. Don’t refrain from shopping; you’ll find some true treasures at ridiculous prices. You’ll also be able to resolve a conflict.


You’ll have a hectic week both at work and at home. Vacation or not, there’ll be numerous details to consider and adjust to satisfy everyone. You’ll need to keep an eye on every detail.


You’ll feel a sense of ease when all eyes are on you. If you open your mouth, people will hang on to your every word; don’t leave anything out. There’s a lot to be proud of.


You’ll spend part of the week at home. You’ll get several tasks done to improve your environment and quality of life. You’ll welcome a family member into your home.


You’ll travel some distance to be with your family. You’ll give yourself a vacation in line with your expectations without sparing any expense.


Despite sending out numerous invitations to take part in an activity, you’ll find responses are slow in coming. Everyone will show up in the end. The summer may inspire you to consider a whole new career.

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