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Your Horoscope – September 28, 2022


You’ll witness an injustice and take it upon yourself to resolve the situation. You’ll play the judge and jury. You may need to approach a complex issue with delicacy.


You’ll work hard to reach a fair agreement or conclude a transaction at work. You may feel anxious and suffer from insomnia this week. Fortunately, success is on the horizon.


You’ll be offered a promotion at work. However, you should think twice before accepting it. You must learn to manage and express your emotions to avoid feeling physically unwell.


A new diet combined with regular exercise will give you the results you’re looking for. You’ll be proud of yourself for making your health a priority.


You’ll be very articulate and express what others are thinking. However, you may be just as easy to criticize. Beware of making comments that could hurt or shock someone.


Your financial situation is complicated; make sure you double-check all your bills. After discovering an error, you’ll feel a deep sense of re lief and recover a considerable amount of money.


You’ll be involved in an activity that will bring out your competitive nature. You really don’t want to come second and must take all the credit. You’ll be congratulated for your efforts.


If fatigue has gotten the best of you, you may need to change your lifestyle. Having a more active social life or trying a new diet should give you the energy boost you need.


Stress will be good for you this week. It will give you the motivation you need to achieve brilliant feats. Fin ding a balance in all areas of your life will help you channel positive energy.


Everything will fall into place for you to start your own business or accept a position of power at work. You’ll discover new talents within yourself.


You’ll be going on holiday soon. Even if the trip is a few months away, start preparing now. For example, get your passport, vaccination record and other details in order so you don’t forget.


You’ll witness an injustice that will awaken your chivalrous spirit. You’ll play an important role in reaching a fair resolution and make helpful suggestions.

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