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Your Horoscope – November 16, 2022


You may find it challenging to get in touch with people who don’t call you back right away. However, your phone will start ringing off the hook when they finally contact you.


You’ll suddenly be very popular. You’ll also have a lot to talk about with others. Your social life will be booming, both in-person and on social media. Your partner will be generous with you.


You’ll spend part of your week shopping. You’ll be inspired to redecorate your home. For example, you may be inspired to put up your Christmas decorations early.


You’ll feel highly imaginative but also a little lazy. You’ll be working on a great masterpiece or contemplating one all week.


You may not always feel comfortable in a crowd. Fortunately, you’ll come across inspiring people who will give you the motivation you need to take on a new challenge. New friendships are in store.


You’ll procrastinate a lot this week. Fortunately, your loved ones will help you keep your priorities straight while managing to make you laugh.


You’ll spontaneously decide to take a trip. You’ll work with clients from different cultures that will bring you abundance.


You’ll find yourself having to do everything yourself at work and home. Some people will notice your dedication and ensure you’re rewarded for your efforts.


Change is on the horizon. If you go with the flow, your anxieties will melt away. A sentimental project will come to fruition faster than you thought possible.


You’ll have to crunch the numbers during a negotiation to relieve tensions. You must find balance in all aspects of your life to find peace.


Your love life will be full of romance. A colleague may make an awkward declaration of love that won’t be reciprocated.


You must take the time to rest and recover after being sick. You’ll spend a few days at home and bring in some work over the weekend to catch up. The moon will ignite your imagination, inspiration and intuition.

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