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Your Horoscope – December 7, 2022


You won’t be at a loss for words this week. However, it’s important to have all the information before you speak. You may have to translate something to avoid confusion.


You’ll feel the need to buy something expensive to satisfy your luxurious side. You may overspend on Christmas presents. It’s important to expend your pent-up energy.


Give yourself time to think. You may feel a need to deepen your spirituality to solidify your convictions and values. You may be tempted to take a pilgrimage.


You’ll be around a lot of people this week. Remember to wash your hands to avoid catching their germs. Your immune system is fragile. Try to get some rest to replenish your strength.


You’ll be pressed for time. Your obligations will take precedence over your hobbies. You must try to find balance in all aspects of your life.


It’s time to take a getaway. Even if your trip is still a few months away, you’ll start getting ready. It’s a good idea to book a hotel or cottage for spring break.


Prepare to be annoyed. You can’t keep putting things off. Once you’ve finished everything, you’ll celebrate or have free time to try something new.


You’ll close a deal that will shake up your career. You’ll work hard on a personal project to reach new heights. You’re feeling especially bold and competitive this week.


You’ll have a lot of work to do, and it’ll take a long time to sort out the details. Try to let go and enjoy the present moment. You’ll change your views on life to align with your values.


You’ll be in the spotlight this week. You’ll be the only person who can accomplish a specific task and receive some form of recognition from upper management.


It’s time to switch up your routine in your personal and romantic life. Don’t hesitate to accept invitations to go out. Your friends will surprise you, especially if you’re single.


If you want to get into real estate, now’s the time to go for it. You may also feel the need to redecorate your home just before Christmas to impress your family.

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