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Your Horoscope – December 21, 2022


You may be looking forward to the holidays. Entertaining will be very different from previous years, which will make you feel nostalgic.


You may be asked out by someone you don’t know, or your partner will take you on a trip. There are a lot of surprises in store for you this week.


You’ll have a lot to do at work before going on vacation. Everything will go according to plan. You’ll end the year with a sense of accomplishment.


You’ll finish putting up your Christmas decorations after learning that you’ll be hosting for the holidays at the last minute. You’ll want to outdo yourself and will do everything possible to stand out.


You’ll manage to take time off and take care of your home and children. You’ll get involved in a community event and be recognized for your efforts.


You’ll be outspoken this week. You’ll verbally express what others are thinking. You may also hear some gossip, which you must promptly disprove to avoid trouble.


You still have shopping to do, which may put you over budget. However, the gifts will be warmly received.


You’ll be pressed for time to make important arrangements at work or home. At work, you’ll arrive first and leave last. Upper management will develop great confidence in you.


Don’t wear yourself out before the holiday season. Make time to rest and get rid of a nasty cold you can’t seem to shake.


You may feel stressed out and not know where to turn. Fortunately, you’ll figure things out in time for Christmas.


You’ll be highly organized in preparing for your holiday parties. You’ll finish everything you need to do on time and have a worry-free holiday.


Your friends may suggest taking a group trip. You’ll quickly accept the invitation. At the very least, you’ll participate in a cultural celebration during your vacation.

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