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Your Horoscope – December 28, 2022


You may have to entertain unexpectedly. You’ll put your heart and soul into pleasing your loved ones. You may feel fatigued and come down with a cold.


You’ll be helpful at upcoming parties. You’ll throw an impressive party for your loved ones. Everyone will have fun if you get involved in the entertainment.


Go in on lottery tickets with your family; luck could be on your side. You may also complete an important project with the help of your loved ones. You may arrange a spontaneous trip.


If there’s tension between certain family members, you’ll be able to calm them down by opening up or getting creative. Your organization skills will come in handy and will impress your family.


You’ll bring together family and friends. You’ll successfully unite two families and some people who don’t always get along. You’ll take care of all the details.


It’s your turn to entertain and have your loved ones over for the holidays. Even when you’re a guest, you’ll offer to help serve and clean up because you need to feel useful.


You relish gatherings and enjoy any form of celebration, big or small. You’ll make a spectacle of yourself with some crazy antics and an attention-grabbing speech.


Someone from another country will attend your family get-together. You’ll be eager to learn more about their culture and share yours. You’ll enjoy new and exotic foods and music.


You’ll be the life of the party and manage to keep people amused. The jokes will come thick and fast. Be careful when driving at night.


There are always extra expenses at this time of year. You’ll be generous and warm the hearts of those in need even if you don’t know them. You’ll also treat yourself.


You won’t miss a party. You need to move, dance, let go and, above all, be with your loved ones. You’ll come up with fun and engaging games.


Avoid staying up too late. Otherwise, you won’t be able to stay up to welcome the New Year. You may have to catch up on a few hours of sleep or risk getting sick.

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