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Your Horoscope – February 15, 2023


A strange event could disturb your peace of mind. Have faith that your loved ones will help you discover the joy in life. Perhaps being more trusting would help.


You must weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. You may be asked questions to which you don’t have the answers, which could leave you perplexed.


You’ll have many details to sort out at work and at home. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment for completing the tasks you’ve been putting off.


Big plans are in order when it comes to your home life. Your relationship could go in an entirely new direction after an in-depth conversation. A family member or friend may announce they’re expecting.


This week will be hectic. You may have to work overtime or manage demanding family obligations before you can relax.


If you’re making changes at home, in your work or even in your decor, you’ll find good deals, and your property will increase in value. Don’t hesitate to ask for a raise.


You could face some unexpected expenses. Fortunately, you’ll get something lasting in return. You’ll negotiate an arrangement that benefits you if you must borrow.


Although you’re expecting a quiet week, you’ll be busy. There’s a lot of action and surprises ahead. Fortunately, there’s also some fun in store.


Significant changes are on the horizon, both professionally and personally. It would help if you learned how to relax to lower your stress level and enjoy the novelty.


You’ll develop a more active social life this week, even if it’s only on social media. You and your friends will sign up for art classes, yoga or another kind of wellness program.


Your boss will offer you a promotion as if on a silver platter. You’ll be excited about taking on new professional and personal projects, even if you’re short on time.


A getaway or trip is on the agenda. You’re in the mood for a party and will organize a celebration get-together. You’ll also start a new spiritual practice.

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