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Your Horoscope – June 7, 2023


You’ll oversee a meeting at work. It’ll allow you to show off your skills and get that long-coveted promotion. The full moon will give you something to celebrate.


Summer holidays are coming up fast, at least for your children. This will take a lot of the stress and responsibility off your shoulders and allow you to enjoy the present moment.


You’ll spend more time than expected on a project close to your heart. You may need to talk openly about your relationship if there’s uneasiness between you and your significant other.


You’ll make agreements with new clients that will satisfy you. You have a keen eye for detail. This full moon could affect your energy levels; don’t overdo it.


You’ll put in extra hours at work, allowing you to bank holiday time. Reward yourself with a bit of luxury.


You’ll make important decisions about your professional future and health. You’ll try a new routine that aligns with your aspirations and produces results.


The full moon will encourage deep conversations with friends and family. At work, effective communication will help you overcome a difficult situation. You must adopt a healthier diet to improve your well-being.


You’ll suppress your feelings this week. However, talking about how you feel can be liberating. It’ll allow you to purge negative emotions and regain a sense of well-being.


You may discover a mistake on an old bill that helps you solve a budget problem. You may have to renegotiate with a client at work, or they could change their mind.


You’re full of ideas and initiatives. However, you won’t be able to satisfy everyone. The full moon will cause some confusion at work and elsewhere.


You may need a second cup of coffee to help you concentrate on all the tasks you have to get done. Confusion will run rampant this week, making it difficult to be understood.


The full moon will stress you out! That’s why you need to let go, grab a friend and visit a massage therapist or spa to relax.

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