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Your Horoscope – November 29, 2023


You’ll spend a lot of time on the move, and the telephone won’t stop ringing. You’ll feel like you’re playing taxi, for example. Those around you want you to take part in the events that are being planned.


You’ll have great ideas for holiday gifts and need to draw up a budget to determine what’s feasible. This will save you from having to tighten your belt later. You’ll be very generous.


Your natural spontaneity allows you to put your ideas into practice with ease. You’ll feel a strong desire to get out of the house, spend time with friends and get involved in charity work.


Your work schedule during the approaching holiday season will not entirely satisfy you. However, by showing patience, determination and zeal, you’ll be on the receiving end of certain acts of goodwill.


You’ll feel burnt out at work. It’s important to take time to rest and reflect on your future. Taking a more spiritual approach to life could be beneficial in helping you regain balance.


Striking the right balance between family life and work may prove difficult. However, you’ll manage your time wisely. You’ll also need to know how to deal with the unexpected and adapt to changing situations.


It’s the perfect time for you and a few of your nearest and dearest to go on a trip. Start getting ready now to gift the whole family something different and exciting this Christmas.


Try not to hide your vulnerability. Your friends and family are there to support you if you’re going through a difficult time. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions. Making changes will have a positive impact on your life.


You’ll soon be in a position to propose large-scale projects. You’ll be inspired to make big changes at work. Your partner will be attentive and romantic.


You’ll be surprised to receive some excellent news about your health or that of a loved one. You’ll benefit from an unexpected sum of money. You’ll strike the perfect balance between work and family life.


You’ll be the focus of attention and may be rewarded for your achievements or a feat of some kind. This will make you feel proud and boost your self-esteem.


It’s important to watch your diet and limit your alcohol consumption before the holidays. You may also experience stomach or digestion problems this week.

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