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Your Horoscope: May 9, 2018

 ARIES Your imagination will know no bounds this week. You might even start working on a masterpiece that’ll bring you big rewards upon completion. Don’t neglect your friends, though. Why not plan a get together for the weekend? TAURUS

Your Horoscope: May 2-8, 2018

 ARIES There’s a good chance that you’ll need to re-evaluate your circle of friends this week. Lucky for you, some of them will finally manage to give back what they owe you before you cut them out of your life. TAURUS You’ll need to

Your Horoscope: April 18-24, 2018

ARIES Take the time to review recent receipts, because a mistake probably slipped in somewhere. Your vigilance should pay off in the form of a hefty chunk of change. TAURUS Patience won’t be your greatest virtue over the next few days.…

Your Horoscope: April 11-17, 2018

 ARIES You’ll definitely be surrounded by lots of people this week. Your friends will invite you to all sorts of goingson, each more action-packed than the last. Someone might try to get you to lose your cool. TAURUS Whether at work or at

Your Horoscope: April 4-10, 2018

 ARIES If you really want to finance that project, all it’ll take is a trip to the bank to put you at the heart of the action. On the romantic front, expect your relationship to take an affectionate turn. TAURUS To surround yourself with

Your Horoscope: March 21-27, 2018

ARIES At work, you’ll be asked to put in some overtime, and your hard work will be handsomely rewarded. A short training lesson will put you on track to reach your greatest professional goals. TAURUS Someone will try to pressure you into…

Your Horoscope: March 14-20, 2018

ARIES After a long period of negotiation, you’ll finally get the green light from your banker to acquire a property or finance a project that’s important to you. Your future will meet, even exceed, your expectations. TAURUS You’ll probably…

Your Horoscope: March 7-13, 2018

ARIES This week will be an excellent time for you to apply for a loan or even renegotiate your mortgage. You’ll find a solution to your financial problems that won’t force you to tighten your belt excessively. TAURUS At work, you’ll find…

Your Horoscope: February 7-13, 2018

ARIES Expect to go through a wide range of emotions this week. You’ll also reconsider your relationship with certain people and realize that you’d be better off without a few of them. TAURUS Someone will pressure you into making a decision,…