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Weekend Weather. High winds Friday, colder temps Sunday

ROCKFORD — A high of 51 is expected Friday with a chance of afternoon showers. But high winds could cause trouble on the roads and for any outdoor objects not tied down.

Clear skies will give way to clouds near the noon-hour with localized rain as we move into the evening commute. South winds will hold around 20 mph with gusts topping out at 45-50 mph. Overnight lows should be in the mid- to low-30s.

Saturday sees the warmer temps hanging in the area and partly-sunny skies. Highs in the mid-40s with overnight lows around 25.

Colder weather moves back in Sunday as temperatures slide back to the low-30s with overnight lows in the teens.

And the Pecatonica River near Shirland is under a flood advisory, with ice jams raising the likelihood of rapid water level changes.

As always, you can keep up with local conditions with our AccuWeather forecast. R.

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