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Well, it snowed

ROCKFORD — As forecasted, it snowed a lot in Rockford and the surrounding areas. Six-to-eight inches fell in the city and some places south are still seeing heavy snowfall as officials warn about travel dangers.

Officially, 5.6 inches was recorded at the airport earlier this morning, although some localized areas may have up to a foot of snow. It was a lot of snow.

Along the I-80 to I-88 corridor, snow is still falling at a rate of around 1-2 inches per hour and the Illinois State Police have warned that parts of I-39 in Ogle County are nearly impassable as we approach the noontime hour, Friday.

Pretty much every government office and school in the area is closed Friday, so you don’t have to worry about that. But do make sure that if you’re parked on the street, you follow the odd/even rules that are in effect. Today, park on the odd side; Saturday, the even. If you’re on a street that only allows parking on one side, you better find another place to park.

What’s on deck? Tonight—you guessed it—some more snow. Saturday? Probably more snow. Sunday? Probably not any snow. But temperatures aren’t expected to climb above freezing anytime soon, so this stuff will be hanging around for a while.

Make sure you have enough gas for the snow blower; remove all the snow from your car before you drive (ALL of the snow. The people driving behind you deserve to see the road, too. It’s also against the law.); and be safe out there. R.

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