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Your Horoscope: April 18-24, 2018


Take the time to review recent receipts, because a mistake probably slipped in somewhere. Your vigilance should pay off in the form of a hefty chunk of change.


Patience won’t be your greatest virtue over the next few days. Financial troubles will resolve themselves with time. The solution to your problems lies in letting water run under the bridge.


You need to get some rest. Once you’re feeling more relaxed, you’ll find the inspiration you needed to reach your professional goals.


You’ll be in charge of a large group of people, and you’ll experience some wonderful moments together. Stress may tire you out; be sure to get lots of rest before the weekend if you don’t want to wind up stuck in bed.


You’ll find yourself in the boss’s chair this week, much to your own surprise. Whoever is in charge will be needed somewhere urgently. Trust yourself and your leadership talent will shine through.


With a business trip looming on the horizon, you’ll find yourself doubting your abilities to communicate in another language. Things should go better than expected.


If you’re aiming for a career change, you’ll need to head back to class. Your patience and efforts will pay off eventually by relieving you of a tough financial situation.


You aren’t usually the kind of person who hesitates before making a big decision, but this time you’ll take a few moments to weigh the pros and cons. And you’re right to do so: new information will be brought to your attention at the very last minute.


At work, you’ll find yourself in charge of emergencies and complaints. Luckily, your ability to smile in every circumstance will work wonders to relieve tense situations.


You’ll accomplish a brilliant feat in one way or another. You’ll be warmly applauded and placed on a pedestal of sorts. You may even save someone from a disaster.


If you have young children, they’ll be rowdier than usual this week. You’ll need to take the time to establish and explain new house rules if you wish to one day enjoy some peace and quiet.


You won’t mince your words this week, and you’ll probably end up saying out loud what others dare not speak. You’ll have to get used to your new phone, as it’s a lot more complex than your previous one.

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