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It’s BOGO kitten time at Animal Services

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Have You Ever Considered Adopting Two Kittens?

Winnebago County Animal Services is bursting at the seams with kittens, and as much as we love kittens, the kittens are looking forward to playing with shoes laces, chasing laser pointers, and cuddling on laps in their very own home. So it’s kitten BOGO time!

That’s right, adopt one kitten and get the second kitten free, or adopt one kitten and pay the full adoption fee. All kitten adoptions include beginning shots, microchip, spay or neuter, flea preventative, feline leukemia test, and a rabies vaccination when the kitten is four months old. This promotion starts Friday, August 24 and ends Monday, August 27. This promotion is sponsored by the WCAS Auxiliary.

“Pets don’t belong in a shelter.  They belong in a home,” says Brett Frazier, Animal Services Administrator. “We are hoping the community will help us, and these kittens, by opening their hearts and their homes to a new furry family member this weekend.”

Here are three reasons why you should consider adopting a pair of kittens:

1)      Double the Fun!
Kittens crave attention and instead of bugging you to play, they will have their own play buddy. Kittens also learn polite playing skills by testing their limits with each other instead of you. Besides you can sit back and watch the fun. Watching two kittens play can help you relax at the end a busy or stressful day.

2)      Friends with Benefits!
If you are a busy person, then you will feel less guilty leaving your pet home alone all day while you work. The two kittens can entertain or cuddle with each other while you are away. After all, someone has to pay for toys and kibble.

3)      Twice the cuddles and twice the love for almost the same amount money
Having two kittens doesn’t cost that much more except for annual vaccinations. However, some vet clinics offer discounts if you bring multiple pets at the same time. You would be buying toys and food anyway, so what’s a few extras toys. Don’t forget that cat tree for the sunny window. Kittens love sunny windows and bird watching!

Winnebago County Animal Services is at 4517 N. Main St. For more information call 815-319-4100, or visit or

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