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Marilyn Hite Ross named Winnebago County state’s attorney

ROCKFORD – The Winnebago County Board made an about face Tuesday night when it voted Marilyn Hite Ross interim state’s attorney.

Judge Rosemary Collins was expected to be named Joe Bruscato’s successor, however, that recommendation was defeated by a 15-5 vote. Winnebago County Board Chairman Frank Haney then called for Hite Ross’ nomination. She was approved by a vote of 17-3.

“I am so glad the county board members came together to see that I was not only the logical choice but the only choice to continue to lead the office and provide stability within an office of that size and to maintain the relationships with the partnerships within the criminal justice system, ” Hite Ross said.

She also praised Bruscato, who hired her in 2008.

“If not for Joe looking at my qualifications, I would not have had the opportunity to serve Winnebago county,” she said. “I am truly grateful. We serve the people and we will continue to do that.”

Hite Ross will leave her post as the head of the Criminal Division when she’s sworn in Dec. 3. She is the first African American and woman to serve as state’s attorney.

The Rock River Times will have more on this story. R.

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