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Your Horoscope – January 30, 2019


You’ll be especially sensitive this week, which will lead to your emotions doing a number on you. You’ll uncover a fraudulent situation at work or at home.


Make sure your negotiating skills are honed because you’ll need them at work and in your personal life. You’ll finalize a deal that will have a big impact on your career.


You’ll find yourself the center of attention this week, which will delight you. You’ll be rewarded for your work, which may come in the form of a promotion at work.


If you’ve been feeling under the weather lately, it’s time to take a break. With a bit of rest and relaxation, you’ll be back in shape in no time.


After a party, your house will be upside down and you’ll want to get it in order as fast as possible. You’ll find yourself getting rid of things you don’t need, which will make you feel liberated.


You’ll speak your mind and express what those around you have only been thinking. Something you write may make its way around the world, much to your surprise and delight.


You’ll be preoccupied by a financial difficulty. This will probably be the result of a mistake, like a bill that wasn’t destined for you, and you’ll be back to enjoying your life in no time.


There will be lots of action this week. You’ll receive invitations from friends and be persuaded to leave your home. You’ll enjoy yourself and be convinced to partake in group activities more often.


You’ll need that second coffee to lift your spirits and finally end your procrastination. You’ll find a new capacity to efficiently start and complete a number of jobs on your to-do list.


You’ll find yourself in the hub of a crowd, which will leave you craving some alone time. At work, clients will be unusually vague and confusing with their requests.


You’ll be offered a promotion at work. Before you accept, make sure to talk to your partner and the rest of your family to avoid misunderstandings.


The winter blues will begin to set in, and you’ll find yourself planning a vacation somewhere warm. This will revitalize you and help you find your zest for life.

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