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Your Horoscope – February 13, 2019


Nobody likes cutting back their spending. The discomfort of finding yourself in this situation will impel you to find your way out of it. As soon as you discover what path to take, you’ll set upon it.


You’ll have new duties of all sorts piled onto you, which will send you into a frenzy of activity. Fortunately, you know how to maintain order in these types of situations.


A cold is often a sign that your body is in need of rest and rejuvenation. You’ll feel that you have a thousand things to worry about. Relaxation and meditation will do you good.


You’ll be put in charge of a group of people and they’ll expect you take the initiative at every turn. You’ll find yourself in the role of manager. Assert yourself and assume the post that has fallen to you.


Family and professional duties will be your top priorities, leaving you with very little time to yourself. In your job, you’ll be in charge of organizing a meeting.


You’ll achieve a success of such a magnitude at work that your bosses will have no choice but to offer you a raise in order to retain your valuable services. You’ll feel proud of yourself.


Faced with existential questions, you’ll look to introduce some big changes into your life so as to improve your outlook. In your relationship with your partner, the question of commitment will come to the forefront.


You’ll be in a position to create a truce following a conflict within your group of friends. You’ll need to intervene rapidly, which will demonstrate your capacity for wisdom.


It’s going to be a stimulating week for you at your job. However, don’t inflate your expectations. Your success will be in direct proportion to the work you put in. Some tension might arise between you and one or more coworkers.


You’re going to be the center of attention. Expect to receive some applause for your impressive achievements. This circumstance will raise your self-esteem.


You might spend a day at home puttering around, possibly waiting for a delivery. This circumstance might bring you to change the decor in certain rooms of your house.


If you’re going to be behind the wheel, ensure that you have the correct directions; otherwise you’ll lose a bunch of time trying to find your destination. A map or a GPS will prove useful in this circumstance.

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