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Your Horoscope – March 20, 2019


At work, your leadership will lead to a long-term agreement between various parties. This situation will help resolve any financial difficulties.


At home and at work compromises will need to be made in order for everyone to get along. You’ll learn to exercise your patience to get through a confusing situation.


There are times when it’s important to respect yourself and your limits. It’s necessary to take care of yourself before taking care of others. A family member will be very demanding.


Because of your enthusiasm, you’ll succeed in doubling your income or doubling your fun. You’ll be able to afford to pamper yourself. Maybe with a vacation?


To avoid unpleasant financial surprises, look over your bills. An error could slip through and cause a major inconvenience.


It’s important to think long and hard before undertaking something that could change your day-to-day life. You’ll be presented with new options as the week progresses.


You’ll receive many invitations this week, each one more interesting than the last. Don’t forget to take the time to rest, or at least relax a little.


At work or in your social life, you’ll be responsible for organizing an event that will result in a record-breaking crowd. You might also find yourself getting more involved in your community.


You’ll find a new form of spirituality that will allow you to develop a more active social life. Beneficial new friendships will take shape and bring you a sense of well-being.


You’ll finally organize your priorities. A long period of procrastination will end and you’ll make changes you’ve been thinking about for a long time.


You’ll start to make travel plans with your partner. Your research will allow you to learn about a place you’ve been longing to discover.


If you have worries about your health, take some time to see a doctor and undergo the necessary tests. You’ll get a clean bill of health or discover treatment options that’ll allow you to re cover quickly.

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