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Juveniles charged after scuffle with police at Rockford skating rink

By Jim Hagerty

ROCKFORD — Two Rockford teens are facing criminal charges after a fight broke out at a roller-skating rink last Friday.

Police say officers responded to SkateCo, 3209 N. Main St., at around 9:30 p.m., after receiving a report of a disorderly subject. While officers were investigating the report, a fight broke out among what is reported as 100 juveniles.

As officers attempted to separate a female from the scuffle, another girl tried to pull the officer away from the suspect. The crowd then surrounded the officers and threw skates, food and sodas at them. Backup units arrived and assisted responding officers to break up the fight and escort the disorderly youths from the scene.

Arrested were two females–ages 13 and 16. They were released to their respective guardians after being charged with aggravated battery of a police officer and obstructing an officer.

It is not clear whether more youths will be charged.

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