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Local nurse receives Daisy of the Year Award

Liz EauClaire

By Jim Hagerty

ROCKFORD — A local nurse was honored with the Daisy of the Year Award Thursday during a breakfast honoring National Nurses Week at SwedishAmerican Hospital.

Liz EauClaire is a registered nurse for SwedishAmerican’s case management team and is assigned to the emergency room. She was presented with the award by her colleagues.

“I don’t see going above-and-beyond as a nurse here as just my responsibility,” EauClaire said. “I see it as something that I really want to do. And I know all of our nurses feel the same way.”

EauClaire was nominated for the award by coworker Imari Hanserd, who recounted how the RN helped a veteran arrange care for his dog while he was hospitalized.

“She organized a collection to cover the cost of boarding and updating the dog’s vaccinations,” Hanserd said.” After the patient was discharged from the VA, Liz brought the dog back home because the patient was unable to do so himself. Liz even made sure the dog went home with a new bag of food.”

Liz’s care for the veteran didn’t stop with his dog, Hanserd continued.

“After taking the patient’s dog home, Liz learned that the patient had accidentally left his cell phone in
the taxi on his way home from the VA,” she said. “Liz contacted the VA in Madison and Rockford in
order to track down the cell phone. Liz personally picked up and returned the patient’s phone to him.”

The Daisy Award was one of several awards presented Thursday. Other recipients were Jennifer El Brichi, Transformational Leader Nurse of the Year; Samantha West, Structural Empowerment Nurse of the Year; Julie Gates, Exemplary Professional Practice Nurse of the Year; Shelley Huntington, New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements Nurse of the Year; Jennifer Conner, Allied Professional Help Award; Jaclynn Abraham, Preceptor Nurse of the Year Award; and Jill Weberg, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse.

The Daisy Foundation was established by Mark and Bonnie Barnes to honor the exceptional nursing care their son, Patrick, received while battling Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP), a bleeding disorder that affects the platelets.

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