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Your Horoscope – May 15, 2019


Making adjustments to who you include in your circle of friends would be wise. Some of them are parasites who only drain you. Try to put aside at least one day for relaxation and therapeutic treatment.


Self-esteem is often a precursor of success. Tell yourself you can do it and you’ll manage to accomplish a brilliant feat. Afterwards, you’ll be very proud of yourself.


You’ll devote a lot of time and energy to your family and home.  You’ll also be inspired to adopt a new perspective that will allow you to live in the moment.


Don’t worry about being at a loss for words, but be careful not to make indiscreet or inappropriate remarks. You might get in a confrontation with someone who doesn’t speak English well.


You’ll gather the money you need to undertake an important project. Your speeches will cause people to flock to you.


You’ll feel enticed to go on an adventure abroad. If you take the plunge, don’t forget to attend to your passport in time for your summer holiday.


Tiredness is increasingly becoming an issue for you. Your body is telling you to slow down – don’t ignore it. In addition, make sure to get a full night’s sleep. Do these things and you should recover your energy.


If you’re single, you’re going to experience love at first sight. Although you’ll start putting more energy into your social life, you’ll quickly realize you also need some alone time.


At work, you’ll be saddled with new responsibilities. Even if you find them taxing at times, they’ll open up paths for advancement and the possibility of a promotion.


You’ll start organizing a summer vacation with family and friends. Fantastic experiences await you and you have every intention of making the most of them.


You might choose to break off a romantic or professional relationship without warning. You’ll feel impulsive and your thinking will be somewhat confused.


It isn’t always easy to coordinate people or groups with opposing interests. You’ll manage to find the right words and get everyone on the same page.

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