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Your Horoscope – June 26, 2019


Friends and family will keep making demands on you and you’ll be forced to give them a lot of time. But they’ll be very grateful afterwards.


You’ll make good use of the summer by undertaking a new professional or personal project. You’ll surround yourself with an excellent team so you can realize your vision. Be careful not to overspend.


You’ll receive excellent news about the health of a loved one and you might throw together a party to celebrate. As far as your vitality goes, this week’s going to be a roller coaster.


Time is a scarce commodity and it will take more than being simply well organized to accomplish everything you set out to do. You’ll attend an extravagant event with friends and find it delightful.


If you’re looking for a job, someone close to you will point you towards an amazing opportunity. You’ll start a personal or professional project that’s important to you. It may involve planning a trip or starting a business.


Try to fit a summer holiday into your schedule so you can unwind. You have all the tools you need to start your own business and you’ll receive support from a number of reliable people.


You should make a conscious effort to send out positive energy; people will automatically smile when in your presence. You’ll arrive at the solution for settling a debt or you’ll figure out a way to renovate your property.


You’ll be able to conclude a transaction or an important negotiation that was drawn-out. Don’t be afraid of change, it can only be to your advantage.


To your great surprise, you’ll find yourself in the spotlight. Expect to be earnestly applauded after performing a heroic gesture, even if it’s something as simple as lending a shoulder to cry on.


You may be dismayed to learn that one of your kids doesn’t enjoy their day camp. You’ll need to deal with the situation right way. Take a day off work and give your kid lots of attention.


If you’re going on vacation, you’ll benefit from having a map or GPS system within reach. Otherwise, you may go in circles for a while before finding your way. If you stay home, you’ll be able to rest and won’t regret it.


You’ll be in an excellent position to demand a refund or a discount. You’ll consider taking a short training course over the summer that will benefit you at work.

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