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Your Horoscope – July 10, 2019


It’s time for a change and you’re ready for it. You’ll use your vacation to start working on a new business project or to look for a new job. You’ll also think about redecorating your home.


At work, you’ll participate in training sessions, conferences or negotiations. In your personal life, you’ll be tired of doing everything for your partner. You’ll need to take drastic measures to change certain habits.


You may not leave all your worries behind when you leave on vacation, as certain tasks may require you to stay in contact with the office. In your romantic life, a new love interest might take their time before asking you out on a second date.


You’ll succeed in finishing all your work before leaving on vacation. During the high season, all the tourist destinations will be full, so don’t leave it to the last minute to make your reservations.


You’ll make the excellent decision to spend your vacation at home. However, your idea of redoing your landscaping is a project that will take up most of your time, leaving you little opportunity to relax.


You’ll be on the move this week. Don’t forget your list before heading to the grocery store, or you’ll risk making more than one trip. You’ll be extra chatty this week, especially with people who love to argue.


You’ve calculated your vacation expenses more than once. However, some details always slip through the cracks, so make sure to have a backup fund. Calling off an activity or two will allow you to travel without worry.


People will take notice of your initiative this week. At work and in your personal life, you’ll create opportunities and exploit them to their full advantage. A second coffee and some vitamins are all you need to feel a burst of energy.


You tend to stress about the cost of living and plan your vacation expenses carefully. Remember that memories are worth every penny spent. Love comes knocking at the door when you least expect it.


You’ll feel the need to bring your loved ones together. There’s also time to relax at work this week. Take longer lunch breaks to socialize with your colleagues, employees and associates.


You’ll use your vacation time to work on projects, for both your home and your job. Don’t forget to unwind and spend some time with friends.


Fun and joy will dominate this week, and you’ll have more than one reason to party. You’ll start to think about what you’ll read during your next vacation, but it won’t be an easy choice to make. Don’t neglect your responsibilities.

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