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Your Horoscope – July 24, 2019


You’ll play catch up after many delays and much confusion. You’ll devote your vacation to a big home improvement project. You’ll find ways to achieve your professional and personal goals.


You’ll feel the need to move, expand your circle of friends and strengthen your relationships with those closest to you. You’ll have trouble keeping track of all the social activities that your new popularity affords you.


If your health slows you down, take the time to catch up on your sleep. With many colleagues on vacation, you’ll be working overtime. Luckily, you’ll be well compensated for your efforts.


You’ll cleanse your circle of friends in order to spend more time with those that count. A trip or getaway with your real friends will provide you with memories you’ll cherish forever.


Some lucrative real estate deals may be in the works. Renovations may double your house’s value and you’ll appreciate the upgrade to your home. Friends will suggest a spontaneous activity.


The idea of a trip will take root this week. You may even be inspired to make a pilgrimage. You’ll open yourself to spirituality by practicing new techniques.


You’ll have to deal with strong emotions this week. People will take advantage of your generosity. Try not to go past your financial or physical capabilities. Fatigue and stress don’t go well together.


You’re not always the most accommodating person, but luckily, you know how to create harmony around you. Like the adage says, the ends justify the means. Your popularity may mean that you have to choose between two interesting invitations from friends.


You won’t take any time off until you’ve completed every task on your to-do list. You’ll be particularly proud of a big cleanup or work done around the house. Your family will need your help this week.


Self-esteem is essential to developing one’s personality. You’ll accomplish something that you’re proud of and that takes you far. If you’re single, your newfound confidence will attract the attention of your future partner.


You don’t need to travel to have a great vacation. Some of the best times are spent at home with friends and family. A little organization is all it takes to bring everyone together.


You won’t be able to stay still this week and you’ll have lots of stories to tell. You’ll spend hours getting to know people from all walks of life. Your thirst for knowledge is insatiable.

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