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DeKalb city clerk refuses to resign

By Jenna Dooley

DeKALB – Lynn Fazekas is speaking out after Mayor Jerry Smith asked her to step aside from her role as clerk of the City of DeKalb.

According to an email sent to media outlets including WNIJ, Fazekas said she was asked to resign last week. Fazekas said she refused.

“The action followed a Council closed session that excluded me,” Fazekas said. “The mayor did say resignation would save me from public embarrassment, but he gave no details so I also haven’t a clue what he is trying to save me from.”

Fazekas said in the dismissal request, Smith cited recent conflict between the clerk’s office and the city manager’s office over use of the city seal.

The Daily Chronicle reports Smith said the executive session held at the end of Monday’s regular council meeting was to discuss complaints made by city employees about the conduct and performance of Fazekas and specifically the use of the city seal used to authorize documents.

Fazekas also noted the high turnover in the city clerk’s office since 2012, listing the names of seven other people who have held the office since then.

The DeKalb position is a four-year term.

“My fervent hope in refusing the request to resign is that this changes the dynamic of the disposable clerk, and sets us to fixing what actually needs fixing,” Fazekas said in her email statement. “But whether it does or not, I have sworn an oath to do my best, and intend to finish my term of office.”

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