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Your Horoscope – October 2, 2019


Don’t be afraid of change, it will mean good things for you. At home, at work and in your love life, you need to do a little readjusting to regain your joie de vivre. Also, you’ll succeed in resolving a conflict.


Agreements that are reached in a hurry are often broken just as quickly. Take the time to get everything straightened out to avoid starting over from the beginning. Success will come when you focus on the details.


At the office, there will be a mountain of work on your desk. A good strategy is necessary to increase your revenue and get a promotion. Leading by example will help you achieve your goals.


Usually, self-esteem is something that’s developed over time. However, sometimes a small achievement is all it takes to realize your worth. You’ll accomplish one such feat for which you’ll be appreciated and remembered.


Even if buying property is still just a dream, you’ll give yourself the tools you need to reach your goals. You’ll have the support of your family, both financially and emotionally. New couples will start to think about living together.


To avoid driving in circles for hours, don’t forget your GPS or to get detailed directions before heading to a new place. Take the time to treat yourself considerably.


You’ll find a solution to all your financial troubles. You may even land your dream job by having the courage to apply. Action is required to succeed.


Professionally, this is a new beginning. You’ll find the tools to jump feet first in an exciting and profitable new direction. The law of attraction will be strong for you this week.


At work and in your love life, you’ll hear some interesting offers. Think carefully before making any big decisions. You’ll have a better view of the situation when you’re in good company.


You’ll be surrounded by those closest to you, and they’ll be your safe haven. You’ll be struck by inspiration that leads you to create a masterpiece. You’ll trust your intuition. Remember that all great accomplishments begin with a dream.


Your considerable efforts will be rewarded with a surprising promotion at work. You’ll start a new diet that will have positive impacts on your health. Let pleasure guide you in your romantic relationship.


You’ll be tempted to follow a spiritual movement that brings your inner peace. To your delight, you’ll find your place among a special group of people. A spontaneous trip may be in the works.

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