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Your Horoscope – October 16, 2019


You’ll negotiate a loan to settle a difficult financial situation or make a big purchase that will improve your quality of life. In your love life, an affectionate exchange will be more than welcome.


In your love life, you may need to make a change. But don’t just pull the plug on your relationship. Instead, be open to the thoughts and perspectives of others. Pay attention to small details at work.


Make sure to get enough sleep this week. If you don’t, you’ll have a hard time concentrating and your health could suffer. You’ll be especially creative this week and may create a masterpiece.


Your active social life could have an impact on your budget. A family obligation will bring you back to reality. You’ll discover a new artform that will completely enchant you.


You’ll find yourself carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. At home, trust the other members of your family to help with the housework. You’ll be the force that brings people together and your smile will be enough to lighten the atmosphere.


Before launching yourself into a new project, it’s important to gather all the pertinent information. Even if a trip isn’t in your budget, it’ll be hard to resist an invitation from a loved one.


Certain changes are necessary if you want to grow in your career. To that end, you may need to forge your own path or take some classes to land a more interesting job. Change is good.


You’ll try to please everyone this week. Your wardrobe and how you present yourself will have an impact on your career development. You’ll yearn to treat yourself and your friends will be by your side to encourage you.


You’ll receive some excellent news regarding your health. You’ll finally find a treatment or medication that works and will improve your quality of life. At work, you’ll find yourself dealing with all sorts of emergencies.


Your powers of seduction are stronger than ever, and you’ll have more than a few interested admirers. At work, you’ll use your people skills to bring together a big crowd. This achievement will double your company’s sales, to your boss’ delight.


At work, you’ll realize that you’re a valuable and irreplaceable asset. You’ll start to climb the ladder and attain the future you desire. In your love life, the magnitude of your actions corresponds with the depth of your feelings.


You’ll succeed in finding pleasurable moments in otherwise long days. You’ll burn off extra energy by making impassioned speeches to your loved ones. You’ll have no shortage of brilliant ideas this week.

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