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Your Horoscope – November 6, 2019


Your colleagues and friends will encourage you to take charge, even if you’d rather stay on the sidelines. Trust in your abilities and it will be a big success.


When the company you work for undergoes restructuring, you’re sure to feel some stress. Luckily, you’ll climb a few more rungs of the ladder during this chaotic period.


There will be talk of travel this week. You may be suddenly inspired by a training program that could lead you to a new career. You could also adopt a new spiritual practice.


Emotions are in the air this week, and you’ll be easily moved. You may take the first steps towards buying a new home. You’ll be surprised to find that your financial situation is better than you thought.


Before reaching a decision, it’s important to gather all the information necessary and to weigh the pros with the cons. Take your time, even if others are pressuring you to decide.


You’ll have a lot of work to do this week and a slight cold risks slowing you down considerably. Make sure you get enough sleep and take care of your health if you don’t want to drop the ball.


You’ll be the focus of attention this week. You’ll use your wits to defuse a tense situation. Someone may also trust you with a secret. Make sure to keep it to yourself.


With many stores getting into the Christmas spirit already, you’ll be inspired to make a list of gifts to offer those closest to you. You’ll also start to get ready for the family holiday party.


Don’t forget the GPS before heading somewhere new so you don’t get lost. You’ll finally get confirmation of something you’ve been waiting for at work.


You should receive a sum of money you’ve been owed for a while now, through a refund or an insurance settlement. You’ll be happy to finally loosen your belt.


You’ll have a front row seat for all sorts of events and easily bring people together. Additionally, you’ll be the first one to propose initiatives that will make things go more smoothly.


The week will start with a little confusion. You’ll need a second coffee once you get to the office if you want to beat your procrastination. You’ll find yourself with your head in the clouds on more than one occasion.

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