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Your Horoscope – December 11, 2019


You may get your hands on a nice sum of money and use it to spoil yourself. You’ll get the green light to finance a project, either purchasing a property or starting your own business.


You’re already organizing all holiday celebrations and you’ll succeed in bringing the people you’re closest to together. You’ll also have lots of inspiration to create something of your own. An activity with friends will prove very exciting.


The artist inside you will awaken in a spectacular way. You’re a dreamer and you need to take note of your ideas if you want to make them happen. Otherwise, you’ll forget them.


Your social life will be at the forefront. You’ll receive one invitation after another and you’ll accept happily, even if you feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends. After this, you’ll need some rest.


If you’re pulling out all the stops for your holiday celebrations this year, there’s lots of planning to do. Time will be scarce, but in the end, everything will be a success. In your love life, it’s the little things that will guarantee your relationship lasts.


You’ll want to leave your nest to discover new things. You’ll decide to celebrate the holidays under the tropical sun or add an exotic flair to your traditional holiday meal.


You’ll be moved by a visit from a family member you don’t see often but is very important to you. You’ll spare no expense to welcome this person into your home.


It’s easy to get along with you. You’re not afraid of hard work and you’ll gladly agree to start preparing some dishes for the next few celebrations. You’ll be needed to settle a family conflict.


You’ll find yourself filling in for the boss while they take a much-needed vacation. This will have a positive impact on your career in the long term. If affection is missing from your relationship, your feelings will also disappear.


For one reason or another, you’ll be the focus of everyone’s attention. It’s possible that you’ll save someone simply by listening attentively. This person will certainly appreciate you.


You’ll spare no expense when it comes to gifts and celebrating those closest to you. Your extraordinary generosity will bring you a sense of well-being. A family project will need careful thought.


It’s not easy to make time for your social life when your work is so demanding. You need to let loose, so don’t hesitate to accept invitations to go out and have fun with friends.

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