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Rockford doctor co-authors prostate cancer study

Dr. Michael Fumo

Staff Report

ROCKFORD – Dr. Michael Fumo, of Rockford Urological Associates, joined physicians from the Cleveland Clinic and from the medical schools at Stanford University and UW-Madison to publish a prostate cancer study in clinical epigenetics.

The published study evaluated men with and without a prostate cancer diagnosis. These groups were compared to see whether abnormalities existed in their non-cancerous (benign) prostate tissue, indicating a field of susceptibility for developing prostate cancer and, thereby, helping detect it.

Typically, PSA blood tests and biopsies are used to detect prostate cancer. Imaging of the prostate using MRI has also improved cancer detection, but roughly 30% of significant prostate cancers are still missed with this approach.

“Our research showed molecular alterations exist not only in the tumor tissue of people with prostate cancer but also in the benign tissue,” Fumo said. “This ‘field effect’ approach improves the detection of prostate cancer, showing abnormalities in the benign tissue can indicate a likelihood of developing prostate cancer.”

The published study suggests the same theory can be used to detect cervical and breast cancers.

Fumo practices general urology at Rockford Urological Associates with a special interest in all aspects of the treatment for prostate cancer and robotic surgery for the removal of cancerous prostates.

Rockford Urological Associates concentrates on diagnosis and treatment of all urological problems for both adult and pediatric care. They are highly skilled in the use of new technological innovations that allow for a greater rate of success with less patient discomfort. Their staff includes nine highly experienced physicians and they are affiliated with several of the area’s finest hospitals.

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