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Virus delivers blow to bars, restaurants

By Jim Hagerty

ROCKFORD – The parking lots at local bars and restaurants were eerily vacant Monday night, as Gov. J.B. Pritzker ordered all taverns to close and restaurants to suspend all dine-in services at 9 p.m., amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The governor’s order will keep bars closed and limit restaurants to carryout, delivery and drive-through service at least through the end of the month. Pritzker issued the order Sunday, after local officials confirmed Winnebago County’s first case of coronavirus (COVID-19)–a 60-year-old man who’s at home recovering.

The shutdown leaves dozens of local service-industry workers with few options outside of what could be scant unemployment benefits, which could run even thinner if the situation lasts into April.

“They really depend on that income,” Wired Cafe co-owner Shanna Hill said. “And it keeps the community going.”

Wired will be open this week. Whether it operates through the shutdown will depend on the numbers.

“We will see how this goes,” Hill said. “We will then decide if economically it makes sense for us.”

Following is a list of local restaurants offering pickup, delivery and drive-through service during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Abreo: 515 E. State St., Rockford – Curbside pickup, Disco Chicken Food Truck

Alvarez Mexican Restaurant 205 E. Riverside Blvd., Loves Park – Pickup

Anna Maria’s: 823 Gardner St., South Beloit- Pickup, Delivery and Carryout; 11607 Main St., Roscoe – Pickup, Drive-through and Delivery

Anna’s Pizza​: 3505 N. Main St., Rockford; 2113 Harlem Road, Loves Park – Carryout and Delivery

Baci’s Kitchen​: 2990 N. Perryville Road, Suite 1000, Rockford – Carryout and Delivery (DoorDash)

Backyard Grill and Bar: 6473 N. Second St., Loves Park – Carryout, Curbside Pickup, Grubhub.

Baking Grounds North​: 8638 N. 2nd St., Machesney Park – Drive-through

Bella Luna Bakery​: 308 W. State St. Suite 135, Rockford – Pickup

Big O’s On The Hollow: 1931 Illinois 75, Freeport – Carryout and Delivery

Bravo Pizza & Italian Restaurant: 376 Prairie Hill Road, South Beloit – Pickup, Curbside and Delivery

By The Dozen Bakery: 8324 N. 2nd St; Machesney Park – Carryout

Carlyle Brewing Company: 215 E. State St.,  Rockford – Carryout pizzas and growlers

Cantina Taco​: 117 S. Main St., Rockford – Carryout and Delivery

Ciao Bella Italian Kitchen: 6500 E. Riverside Blvd.,  Loves Park – Curbside Pickup

Cimino’s Freeport: 421 Challenge St. Freeport – Delivery – credit card only

Cimino’s Durand: 407 N. Center St. Durand – Pickup and Delivery

Cold Stone Creamery: 653 S. Perryville Road., Rockford – Carryout and Delivery

Culver’s: 1635 Big Thunder Blvd., Belvidere – Drive-through

Da Catch: 1824 E. Riverside Blvd., Loves Park – Carryout

De Juan Mexican Restaurant: 1101 N. State St., Belvidere – Carryout and Delivery

Deli Italia​: 505 E. State St., Rockford; 3004 N. Main St., Rockford – Carryout, Grubhub, Curbside

DiTullio’s2207 E. State St., Rockford – Deli Open, Carryout, DoorDash, Curbside

Doc’s Diner​: 6499 N. 2nd St., Loves Park – Delivery (Loves Park, Machesney Park), Curbside

El Molcajete​: El Molcajete 409 S. State St., Belvidere; – Carry out, Pickup

Food 4 Fuel​: 4150 N. Perryville Road, Loves Park – Curbside

Garrett’s Restaurant & Bar​: 1631 N. Bell School Road., Rockford – Curbside

Giordano’s Pizza Rockford​: 333 Executive Parkway, Rockford – Delivery and Pickup

Great Harvest Bread Company​: 1668 N. Alpine Road., Rockford – Carryout  and Curbside

Halo Cupcake​: 7969 Forest Hills Road, Loves Park – Carryout and curbside

Irish Rose Saloon​: 519 E. State St., Rockford – Pickup

Jessica’s Restaurant​: 5091 Edgemere Court, Roscoe – Pickup and Delivery

JMK Nippon​: 2551 N. Perryville Road, Rockford – Carryout

John’s Restaurant Pizzeria & Steakhouse2914 11th St., Rockford – Curbside Pickup and Delivery

Kennedy’s on Benton: 109 S. Benton St.. Winnebago – Online Delivery, Carryout and Curbside

Kuma’s Asisn Bistro​: 420 E. State St., Rockford – Carryout

Legends Bar & Grill: 618 Superior Ave., Machesney Park – Curbside and Delivery

Lino’s5611 E. State St., Rockford – Curbside

Louie’s Tap House: 5689 Elevator Road, Roscoe – Curbside, Carryout and Delivery

Lucha Cantina: 1641 N. Alpine Road, Rockford – Carryout and Delivery

Maciano’s Pizza and Pastaria: 5801 Columbia Parkway, Rockford and Loves Park – Delivery, Carryout and Curbside

Magpie​: 126 N. Madison St.,Rockford – Carryout and Delivery

Mama Cimino’s Dixon: 104 S. Peoria Ave., Dixon – Curbside, Pickup and Grubhub

Mamma Mia’s Pizza & Elixir Juice Co.:  1139 N. Alpine Road, Rockford – Carryout and Delivery

Marc’s Fusion Cafe​: 4133 Charles St., Rockford – Curbside Pickup only (Pre-order required)

Marie’s Pizza: 1513 Charles St., Rockford – Curbside Pickup, DoorDash

Mary’s Market: Curbside, Delivery; Roscoe – Drive-through

Meg’s Daily Grind​: 3885 N. Perryville Road, Rockford – Drive-through

MOD Pizza​: 6470 E. State St., Rockford – Carryout and Delivery

Napoli Pizza & Catering:  6560 N. Alpine Road, Loves Park – Carryout, Curbside and Delivery

Nunzio’s Restaurant: 5800 N. 2nd St., Loves Park – Carryout and Delivery

Octane​: 124 N. Main St., Rockford – Curbside and takeout

Olive Branch Food Truck​: Open–locations listed on Facebook page.

Olivo Taco Restaurant & Food Trucks​: 330 College Ave., Rockford – Carryout, Food truck

The Olympic Tavern​: 2327 N. Main St; Rockford – Carryout

Panino’s​: 2725 N. Main St., Rockford; 5403 E. State St., Rockford – Carryout, Drive-through, Grubhub

Pig Minds Brewing Company​: 4080 Steele Drive, Machesney Park – Curbside

Pinos on Main​: 2511 N. Main St., Rockford – Pickup and Delivery

Plaza Los Panchos Bar & Grill Cantina​: 8660 N. Second St.,Machesney Park – Carryout

Poison Ivy Pub​: 5765 Elevator Road, Roscoe – Carryout

Prairie Street Brewing Company​: 200 Prairie St., Rockford – Delivery and DoorDash, Beer: bottles, growlers and crowlers

Rockford Roasting Company: 200 N. Main St., Rockford – Carryout drinks

Rookie’s Pub & Grill: 104 W. Main St., Rockton – Curbside: Food and 6-Packs of Craft Beer

Rosati’s Pizza: 1946 Gateway Center Drive; Belvidere – Carryout and Delivery

Salamone’s: 103 S. Cherry St., Cherry Valley – Curbside and Delivery

Salamone’s North: 2583 N. Mulford Road, Rockford – Carryout and Delivery

Sam’s Pizza Restaurant: 130 N. Blackhawk Road, Rockton – Pickup and Delivery

Sam’s Ristorante:  6075 E. Riverside Blvd., Rockford; 1031 Harlem Road, Machesney Park – Curbside, No-contact Delivery

Sandwich Factory: 2203 Charles St., Rockford – Carryout and Grubhub

Sheri’s Place: 5859 Forest Hills Road, Rockford – Carryout

Shogun Japanese Restaurant: 293 Executive Parkway, Suite 2, Rockford – Carryout, Delivery, Curbside

Sips and Sprinkles: 221 W. Locust St., Belvidere – Carryout and Delivery

Sister’s Thai Cafe​: 514 E. State St., Rockford – Curbside and Delivery

Sister’s on Main​: 303 S. Main St., Rockford – Curbside and Delivery

Stewart Eatery​: 117 S. Main St., Rockford – Carryout and Delivery

Spring Garden Family Restaurant: 4820 N. 2nd St., Loves Park – Carryout and Delivery

Subway: 6320 East Riverside Blvd., Loves Park – Carryout, Drive-through, and Door Dash

Tacos El Toro​: 3605 Auburn St., Rockford – Pickup

Thrive Cafe & Thrive On-The-Go​: 6731 Broadcast Parkway, Loves Park; 326 E. State St., Rockford – Carryout (Call to Order)

Windsor Pizza Parlor: 1034 Windsor Road, Loves Park – Curbside, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates and Grubhub

Wired Cafe​: 414 E. State St.,Rockford – Carryout

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