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Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom offers distance learning videos

Staff Report

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – Illinois families doing their part to social distance during school and restaurant closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic can add additional agriculture educational activities to the digital resources at their fingertips.

Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom (IAITC) and the state agriculture education system are offering online lessons and resources to help educators, parents and students, especially while schools statewide are closed.

An IAITC video lesson is a new addition to the program’s selection of online ag-related lessons and resources. IAITC plans to provide videos at noon Monday through Friday featuring simple lesson demonstrations that link to a worksheet, website and other resources. A milk lesson video was first in the new lineup.

β€œWe think many schools are looking to find alternative activities or e-learning activities,” said Kevin Daugherty, Illinois Center for Agricultural Engagement director. Along with providing teachers and students another educational option, β€œthis helps integrate agriculture into curriculum,” said Daugherty.

Second in the IAITC lineup is a 10 a.m. Monday through Friday poultry embryology activity featuring chickens being hatched.

Information and resources may be found on IAITC’s website or Facebook page. County literacy coordinators will also share information through social media.

Video lesson one – Where does my milk come from? – can be accessed here.

Video lesson two – Illinois eggs in the classroom – can be accessed here.

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