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Your Horoscope – May 13, 2020


A project will require a lot of attention. You may experience delays in other areas of your life as well. Expect to be put on hold or end up in the slow line at the grocery store.


This week is the perfect time to start planning your summer vacation before your top choice gets booked. You may also need to find a day camp for the kids.


A strange situation will give you new insight into your personal or professional life. This will allow you to set more specific goals for the future.


Much to your delight, your partner will declare their love to you in a spectacular way. If you’re in a new relationship, you can expect a marriage proposal or other proof of commitment.


Don’t doubt the law of attraction when it comes to your career. If you set precise goals, you’ll find they’re easy to achieve.


You’ll be put in a situation where you have the tools to set exciting new goals and let your talents shine. Pride in your accomplishments will boost your self-confidence.


If you plan to move, this is the week to start preparing so you’re not stressed when the time comes. If you’re staying put, you might consider renovating part of your home.


Your commute and ability to communicate may be particularly difficult this week. Look for a less busy route and make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave.


You’ll have the opportunity to take on a special project or go back to school. Financial security will allow you to plan for your retirement in an unconventional way.


You’ll feel ready to conquer the world this week. A newfound determination may help you improve your life. If you put your mind to it, you’ll achieve great things.


You may have a short fuse and feel like you’re waiting around for others. Take some time for yourself. Remember that sometimes you need to take a step back before you move forward.


You’ll be in charge of organizing an important meeting or event at work for the entire company. You’ll also assist many customers and increase your earnings.

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