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Your Horoscope – November 25, 2020


You have an abundance of energy that you must learn to channel productively. You need an opportunity to let loose this week. Be sure to get some exercise or you’ll risk feeling depressed.


With so many ideas and worries running through your mind, you’ll have trouble sleeping this week. You’ll be tempted to start a new career, and you’ll be given opportunities to do so.


You’ll find yourself in the middle of a large crowd or the participant at a massive event. While this might be financially and professionally beneficial, these people will demand a lot of attention and you’ll be exhausted by the end.


At this time of year, many companies are making big changes. Despite your concerns, you’ll benefit from these adjustments. While some of your coworkers will be fired, you’ll be given more authority.


You’ll be tempted to embark on a spontaneous trip. You might also need to take care of urgent matters at home. You’ll have to spend a considerable amount of money.


You’ll be faced with a dilemma, and your plans will change several times. It’s essential that you patiently wait for things to settle down so that you can make an informed decision.


It’s difficult to balance your personal and professional life. You’ll need to make a few changes at home in order to be successful. For the sake of your health, you need to get more sleep. Otherwise, you risk weakening your immune system.


You’ll find the drive to start or grow your own business. You’ll establish new professional goals that allow you to showcase your talents. You’ll also meet good people who could become collaborators.


You’ll stand out from the crowd, and immense success will follow. You’ll be praised for your hard work, and you’ll likely receive some sort of award or recognition.


It’s time to de-clutter your home. As you clean up your surroundings, you’ll also clear your mind of  lingering confusion. You’ll need to speak up if you want to maintain control over certain situations.


You might receive a lot of criticism or have to deal with people who are intentionally vague. This can be very frustrating, but with patience and diplomacy you’ll be able to get through it and be successful.


You’ll be given a large sum of money, perhaps from an insurance claim or as part of an inheritance. You’ll
need to be tactful and diplomatic in a situation where both sides have little patience.

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