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LTTE: Budget amendment implications

From Steve Schultz Winnebago County Board District 3 County government is made up of many different departments with different types of management. Some departments are managed by independent elected officials, others are managed the…

Cafes, bars, gyms, barbershops create social fabric

Setha Low CUNY Graduate Center (THE CONVERSATION) Social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic implies many painful losses. Among them are so-called "third places" – the restaurants, bars, gyms, houses of worship, barber shops and…

Guest Column: Recounting Auburn’s winning speech season

By Aryan Arora Auburn High School is a highly charged environment during the school day, but it truly comes to life at 3:30 p.m. After the vast majority of students have left the building, a select few stick around to get extra help from…

Guest Column: Preventing suicide during COVID-19 pandemic

By Jagdish Khubchandani and Robert Cramer President Trump recently brought suicide to the forefront of national discussion. While coronavirus is estimated to kill thousands of Americans, suicide is a perennial public health problem that…

Lucha Cantina: Dealing with this new reality

By Joshua Binning ROCKFORD - Saying these are interesting times would be an understatement. I can't imagine anyone has escaped the added stress brought on by the unprecedented situation. Here's the thing. It's not a contest. Getting…

Editorial. Vote yes on home rule

Rockford needs home rule; it’s that simple. Without it, the city’s interest rates will continue to climb, our industries will continue to miss opportunities, our citizens will continue to pay more for less.

Editorial. An annually pointless bill

Joe Sosnowski’s HB4298, a carbon copy of his five other previous attempts, would require the state’s nearly 7,000 bodies of government to be solely responsible for posting this vital public information and foot the bill for maintaining…
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