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Voices from the Grave

Voices from the Grave: The Mystery in the Wall

By Kathi Kresol Contributor The Grinnell Senior Center sits on one of the most historic streets in Beloit, Wisconsin. According to the Historic Preservation booklet, "A Guide for Property Owners," published in 1997, Bluff Street is one…

One family’s tragedy

Kathi Kresol Contributor Rockford, like many cities, has always struggled with the issue of how to care for those that are not able to support themselves. This quest began when the town first started but by the mid 1800s Winnebago…

Voice from the Grave: Swept away

By Kathi Kresol Contributor Susan Ilsley was very concerned on the evening of June 3, 1858. The torrential rains that started to fall around 5 p.m. that day were still raging by 10 p.m. She knew her husband Horatio was also worried…

Voices from the Grave: The girl that fell from the sky

By Kathi Kresol Contributor The Frederickson family was very excited on that August morning in 1928. Arthur and Edith were the parents of three children; Roland, 15 years old, Rhoda, 13 years old and Reynold who was 11 at the time. The…

Voices from the Grave: Stories from the stones

By Kathi KresolContributor Cemeteries have attracted people for as long as they have existed. Some are drawn to the place because they have a loved one that has been laid to rest there. Others want to experience the beautiful statues and
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