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Catching up with Greg Kihn ahead of OSD

By Todd Houston Contributor Rockford Rocked Interview: Greg Kihn! How are you doing Man? Greg Kihn: Doing great Todd! RRI: What’s going on with this Rick Springfield ‘Best in Show’ tour? You guys are going to be at Rockton’s…

RRI: Local hip-hop artist jumps back into the mix

By Todd HoustonContributor “Mic Check” aka King Sneakers. It doesn’t get more hip-hop than that. Influences range from Parliament, The Ramones, Michael Jackson and Bob Marley. His voice? Reminiscent of the days when individuality was a

RRI catches up with Jimmy Johnson

Back in the 1970s and ‘80s, making a recording of your band’s music wasn’t quite as easy as it is today. Sure, there were companies that made four- and eight-track tape recorders that you could buy and attempt to do it yourself, but