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Catching up with Greg Kihn ahead of OSD

By Todd Houston Contributor Rockford Rocked Interview: Greg Kihn! How are you doing Man? Greg Kihn: Doing great Todd! RRI: What’s going on with this Rick Springfield ‘Best in Show’ tour? You guys are going to be at Rockton’s…

RRI: Local hip-hop artist jumps back into the mix

By Todd HoustonContributor “Mic Check” aka King Sneakers. It doesn’t get more hip-hop than that. Influences range from Parliament, The Ramones, Michael Jackson and Bob Marley. His voice? Reminiscent of the days when individuality was a

RRI catches up with Jimmy Johnson

Back in the 1970s and ‘80s, making a recording of your band’s music wasn’t quite as easy as it is today. Sure, there were companies that made four- and eight-track tape recorders that you could buy and attempt to do it yourself, but

Pete Bartkus: Rockford’s Tru Tone king

By Todd Houston  Contributor  As a kid growing up in the Rockford area, I was extremely interested in music at a very early age. As soon as my buddies and I were able to drive, we would visit the local area music stores to gawk at…

Riffing on the blues with WNIJ’s James

By Todd Houston  Contributor  This week, our Rockford Rocked Interview series catches up with David James, the host of WNIJ’s Saturday Night Blues. RRI: For those that don’t know, you are the host of the Saturday Night Blues Show on…

Rockford Rocked. Preserving a cultural icon

By Todd Houston  Contributor  The Naruz Family purchased Toad Hall in 2006 from the estate of Larry and Bev Mason, who amassed a huge assemblage of books, records, and other collectibles over a 30-year period. Originally, Larry was…

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