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Rockford Rocked Interviews: Rockford Rocked spotlight on The Tree Dogs’ Mike Parr

By Todd Houston Contributor Rockford Rocked Interview: Hey Mike, what have you been up to? Mike Parr: Hey Todd! I’ve been recording original music with my band The Tree Dogs for the last three years. RRI: Tell us about the the new album and some of the musicians that contributed. MP: The new album is basically a reflection of my taste in music. Old school rock and roll with a few twists and turns. I write all the time and felt it was time to start getting something on tape. At least…

Zeppelin engineer takes time out from penning autobiography to answer questions for Rockford Rocked readers

By Todd Houston Contributor Ron Nevison is an American record producer and audio engineer. He started his career in the early 1970s as an engineer on albums such as Quadrophenia by The Who and Bad Company’s debut album. He eventually became a producer, working with artists including Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, UFO, Jefferson Starship, Thin Lizzy, Kiss, and many others. Ron was kind enough to answer questions from some readers of the Rockford Rocked Interview’s column. He is also…

Lionheart drummer Clive Edwards talks about history with Thin Lizzy axemen, UFO and Pat Travers

By Todd Houston Contributor Rockford Rocked Interview: Hey Clive how have you been? If I’m not mistaking you were just here in the states? Clive Edwards: Hello Todd! Yes, I’ve been well. I spent a week in New York. My good friends Jimmy Kunes (Cactus) and Dave Colwell (Bad Co/Humble Pie) were doing a show at Daryl’s House (Daryl Hall’s TV series). I was over so I had a real blast seeing them. RRI: What have you been up to lately music wise? CE: I’ve been working on the new Lionheart…

Tribute to legendary guitarist Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy

By Todd Houston Contributor By the mid-’50s, Matt had migrated to Chicago where he became one of the founding fathers of what we now consider the “electric blues” movement. Over the past 45 years, Matt has played with such blues legends as Memphis Slim, Bobby Bland, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, and James Cotton, but he is probably best known for his role as lead guitarist in The Blues Brothers band. Considered one of the finest in his field, his jazz-influenced riffing has most recently…

RRI: Sci-Fi nerd makes shred guitar cool again

By Todd Houston Contributor In a world full of Bebe Rexhas and Lil Waynes, Shawn Williams has chosen to take the road less traveled in his new musical endeavors. Of course back in the late 1990s when Williams was first learning his guitar chops there were plenty of guitar virtuosos to draw inspiration from i.e. John Petrucci, Buckethead, etc. Today, Williams latest project is simply entitled The Core. Opting for a one man band approach and plenty of lightning-fast shred guitar. This isn’t…

Rockford Mobsters still look to entertain with real hard rock music

By Todd Houston Contributor After many years of playing around the local and regional scenes in different groups, drummer Mark Adamany and bassist Joel Rostamo have reunited with guitarist Tom Massari as well as new lead vocalist Chris Lewis to complete the latest Mob Zero lineup. These veteran musicians are choosing music that will keep their audiences’ hearts racing and heads rocking. It even says just that in their bio. The buzz on the street seems to verify this statement. Make no…

Rockford Rocked catches up with Letters from Jett guitarist Trace Foster

By Todd Houston Contributor The band? Letters from Jett. The album? Heartbreaks & Hangovers. Rockford native Trace Foster and company offer up a new album and are calling the genre Southern rock/country. While I suppose that’s true, you’ll find from the first two chords of “Best I Ever Had” to Foster’s outro guitar solo on “Oklahoma’s Got Me Loving You” that this ain’t your typical “Cookie Cutter” way of doing it. I tried my damnedest to pick apart every song and came up flat. Yes,…

Catching up with Greg Kihn ahead of OSD

By Todd Houston Contributor Rockford Rocked Interview: Greg Kihn! How are you doing Man? Greg Kihn: Doing great Todd! RRI: What’s going on with this Rick Springfield ‘Best in Show’ tour? You guys are going to be at Rockton’s Old Settlers Days Festival on June 16. GK: Yes we are! Yeah it’s kind of interesting as I did some touring back in the ‘80s with Rick when “Jessie’s Girl” was out. We did a huge tour of Canada and across the USA. Women just love this guy! Back in the ‘80s…

Catching up with former Fierce Heart guitarist Rex Carroll

By Todd HoustonFor Rockford Rocked InterviewsContributor Let’s face it, if you lived through and survived the 1980s you deserve some kind of an award. Period. If you not only survived the 1980s but also made it out with your dignity intact? We’re now talking Starbuck’s gift card, inscribed watch and maybe one of those creepy, reissued Teddy Ruxpin bears. Former Fierce Heart lead guitarist Rex Carroll survived the decade of decadence. The decade that should have made him and his band

RRI: Local hip-hop artist jumps back into the mix

By Todd HoustonContributor “Mic Check” aka King Sneakers. It doesn’t get more hip-hop than that. Influences range from Parliament, The Ramones, Michael Jackson and Bob Marley. His voice? Reminiscent of the days when individuality was a must and style-jacking a crime. Yes, Michael “Mic Check” (born Michael Cornelius Campbell) has a style all his own. Once you’ve heard that energetic, nasally flow, you’re not soon to forget it. Born and raised in Rockford, “Mic Check” found hip-hop during the

RRI catches up with Jimmy Johnson

Back in the 1970s and ‘80s, making a recording of your band’s music wasn’t quite as easy as it is today. Sure, there were companies that made four- and eight-track tape recorders that you could buy and attempt to do it yourself, but these machines were expensive and cumbersome. During the ‘80s we started seeing a number of recording studios pop up in and around town that offered professional analog recording at a fair price. Heck, most of the time the engineer would even offer up helpful

Rockford Rocked talks with NIGHT Paranormal

Rockford Rocked Interviews catches up with NIGHT Paranormal’s Correnna Nelson and Randal Buck to learn more about the spirit world, and more importantly to hear some good ghost stories.

Rockford Rocked Interviews. Beloit’s music Paradise

Since 1986, Paradise Guitars has been the area’s leading authority on all things guitar, even doing bass and drum lessons. Rockford Rocked Interviews catches up with owner Mike Johnston to talk about his 30-year musical journey.