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Catching up with ‘Bad’ Brad Hefton

By Todd Houston Contributor Rockford Rocked Interview: Hey Brad, what have you been up to man? A lot of people are wondering I’m sure of it. Brad Hefton: Well, I’m just a 60-year-old man just working for a living and praying that I…

RRI: Spotlight on guitarist Ben Medina of Good Karrma

By Todd Houston Contributor Rockford Rocked Interviews: Good morning, Ben. Looks like you have been keeping busy since the last time I saw you playing guitar with Pablo and the Rhythmix. Last night your band Good Karrma was at Hope…

Tribute to legendary guitarist Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy

By Todd Houston Contributor By the mid-’50s, Matt had migrated to Chicago where he became one of the founding fathers of what we now consider the “electric blues” movement. Over the past 45 years, Matt has played with such blues…

RRI: Sci-Fi nerd makes shred guitar cool again

By Todd Houston Contributor In a world full of Bebe Rexhas and Lil Waynes, Shawn Williams has chosen to take the road less traveled in his new musical endeavors. Of course back in the late 1990s when Williams was first learning his…

Catching up with Greg Kihn ahead of OSD

By Todd Houston Contributor Rockford Rocked Interview: Greg Kihn! How are you doing Man? Greg Kihn: Doing great Todd! RRI: What’s going on with this Rick Springfield ‘Best in Show’ tour? You guys are going to be at Rockton’s…

RRI: Local hip-hop artist jumps back into the mix

By Todd HoustonContributor “Mic Check” aka King Sneakers. It doesn’t get more hip-hop than that. Influences range from Parliament, The Ramones, Michael Jackson and Bob Marley. His voice? Reminiscent of the days when individuality was a
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