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Rockford Mobsters still look to entertain with real hard rock music

By Todd Houston

After many years of playing around the local and regional scenes in different groups, drummer Mark Adamany and bassist Joel Rostamo have reunited with guitarist Tom Massari as well as new lead vocalist Chris Lewis to complete the latest Mob Zero lineup. These veteran musicians are choosing music that will keep their audiences’ hearts racing and heads rocking. It even says just that in their bio. The buzz on the street seems to verify this statement.

Make no mistake, this band is a high energy, fist pumping good time that keep the songs you want to hear coming.

Yesterday, drummer Mark Adamany was kind enough to answer some questions for us Rockford Rockers!

Rockford Rocked Interview: Hey Mark. What have you been up to since the last time we spoke?

Mark Adamany: I’ve been working with this new lineup for some time now Todd and we are just trying to get back out of the door with our music. It’s been quite a while and we are really raring to go! At the same time I’ve been working on getting my new commercial/residential painting business off the ground as well. Simply entitled: Adamany Painting Services and Design. Just like Mob Zero, the time has come to just go for it you know?

RRI: The new incarnation of Mob Zero features new vocalist Chris Lewis. What does he bring to the band?

MA: Chris Lewis is a super cool and a humble dude. He definitely keeps everything at ground level. He’s a great singer that’s super easy to work with.

RRI: I can recall seeing Mob Zero bassist Joel Rostamo and guitarist Tom Massari in a band years ago called Second Sunday. If I remember correctly they were playing stuff by U2 and The Fixx. Are you guys dishing up any of that stuff or is it mainly hard rock and metal in your set list?

MA: Actually, I was in that group as well. You’ll hear a few familiar tunes from that era, but this gig is definitely harder baby!

RRI: What sets you guys apart from other area rock bands these days?

MA: Look, we are in it to have fun and our choice of tunes are awesome. We have all been around the scene too long not to enjoy it.

RRI: Individually you guys have been playing in Rockford area bands for years. To call you guys local music veterans would be an understatement. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t one of your former bands (For Christ Sake) have some kind of major label interest back in the early ‘90s?

MA: They did but I had only played one show with that band under that name. The prior name was Mirrored Image. We hit it hard back then. We shopped our original material to whomever would listen. ‘For Christ’s Sake’ had a slightly different direction that took them on quite an adventure. I left them in 1991 and started to pursue my art career.

RRI: Guitarist Tom Massari has the coolest collection of guitars and from what I understand he has a bunch of them. Does he ever ask you to carry any of his guitars in before a show?

MA: No, but I’m willing to, any time. (laughs)

RRI: What cover song would you like to add to your set list but are afraid to ask the other guys if they will play it?

MA: Another Alter Bridge tune – “My Champion”. The song is just killer! It’s melodic and has enough hook to draw people in!

RRI: You (Mark Adamany) are an avid hunter and fisherman. What are your thoughts on Detroit rocker Ted Nugent as a hunter, gun owner and politician?

MA: Oh boy, gotta keep that separate from this conversation. (laughs) Let’s just say as a hunter and outdoorsman myself I love him. And I love him musically as well. As for politics? (laughing again) I plead the fifth. I will say this however, I certainly admire his courage. I don’t go about things that way, but to each his own. Let the chips fall as they may. Right?

RRI: Favorite song to play live?

MA: Anything by Our Lady Peace or Creed.

RRI: Favorite Rockford venue or club to play at?

MA: Whiskeys! The only real rock club!

RRI: Favorite restaurant or club to sit and have a beer and some chicken wings with friends?

MA: My wife and I love Prairie Street Brewhouse. The best thing to happen in Rockford’s social scene in ages.

RRI: When can we expect to see and hear a Mob Zero live show next?

MA: Hopefully next month at Whiskeys again. There’s a rumor goin’round. R.

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