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Tube Talk: Unknown numbers

By Paula Hendrickson Contributor Every spring ad buyers gather in New York as broadcast and cable networks – and now streaming services, too – throw star-studded presentations to reveal their fall lineups. It’s also when a lot of casts and crews of current series learn whether or not they’ll have jobs to return to. It’s a nerve-wracking time for fans, too. Last week, Fox announced their critically-praised Andy Samberg police comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine wouldn’t be returning. Fans were…

The Handmaid’s Tale continues

By Paula HendricksonContributor While the first season of Hulu’s award-winning drama, The Handmaid’s Tale, was based on Margaret Atwood’s acclaimed novel of the same name, season two is flying free. Sort of. Atwood serves as a consultant and a supervising producer for the series, so the fate of Offred/June (Elisabeth Moss)— is in safe hands. Safer than most women in the Republic of Gilead will ever be. But of course, that still doesn’t mean June is safe. Only that the series has Atwood’s

Tube Talk. NBC’s Olympian feat

NBC will still air the most popular events during primetime, but the vast portfolio of NBCUniversal cable networks means even more events can be showcased either live or pre-recorded.