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Elderly couple caught with 60 pounds of marijuana arrested again

LINCOLN, Neb. — The elderly husband and wife caught with 60 pounds of marijuana in December were arrested again this week.

Patrick Jiron, 80, and his wife Barbara Jiron, 83, were passengers in a black Toyota pickup when it was pulled over Tuesday morning by Lancaster County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Jason Mayo. Upon approaching the truck, Mayo became suspicious that its occupants were involved in criminal activity, so he deployed a K-9 unit. A police dog indicated the presence of marijuana, prompting a further search of the vehicle.

Police say they found $18,000 in cash and a 50-pound garbage bag that tested positive for cannabis residue.

Although officers did not discover a sizable amount of marijuana, Barbara and Patrick Jiron were charged with possession of money associated with manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance, a Class IV felony in Nebraska.

The driver of the truck, a woman identified as the couple’s daughter, was released without charges.

The vehicle was traveling west from Vermont to Barbara and Patrick Jiron’s home in California. On Dec. 19, they were arrested in York County, Nebraska, while traveling to Vermont with boxes of freshly cut, high-grade marijuana underneath their pickup topper. They told police the individually wrapped bags of cannabis, worth about $336,000, were Christmas gifts.

The couple was lodged in the Lancaster County Jail as of this report. It is unknown if they have an attorney.

In California, it is legal to possess up to 28 1/2  grams of marijuana for recreational use. A state license is required to sell it. In Vermont, possession of up to an ounce is allowed without penalty. Nebraska punishes possession of up to one ounce with a $300 citation but the sale of any amount is a felony. R.

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