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Rockford aldermen approve pay raises, road repairs

By Jim Hagerty

CITY HALL — Rockford aldermen approved a 2-percent pay increase for police officers and all non-union employees during the Monday, April 16, meeting of the Rockford City Council.

Both raises were part of the 2018 budget approved March 26. The vote was 11-0 for police raises and 10-1 for non-union workers. First Ward Alderman Tim Durkee cast the only “no” vote.

The increase for officers will cost the city $460,000. The city will spend $297,000 on non-union raises. Both come from the general fund, which faced a $10.5 million deficit before the utility tax was added last month. The city said in February that it expected to be able to take a further $2.7 million off the deficit due to a surplus of cash it has on hand for unemployment and worker’s compensation expenses.

While the general fund had to be balanced with the additional levy, officials say the pay raises were anticipated. City Administrator Todd Cagnoni said after Monday’s meeting that the raises are justified as the city has cut more than 50 jobs over the last nine years and existing employees have taken on extra responsibilities as a result.

In other business, aldermen approved a $2.5 million contract to Janesville, Wisconsin-based Rock Road Companies to resurface Rockford roadways. The company submitted the lowest of two bids, the other coming from William Charles Construction.

The contract is part of the $30 million Capital Improvement Plan. The plan includes initial road paving in 12 city wards at a cost of $6.4 million. The remaining projects will go out for bid later this year.

The following are roads in the initial $6.4 million pool. They include $40,270 in resurfacing that will be paid for by Rockford Township.

First Ward
Amphitheater Drive, Argus Drive, Colosseum Drive, Anee Drive, Laurel Cherry Drive, Revere Ridge Road, Chartwell Drive, Spring Brook Road, Trainer Road, Chartwell Court, Chartwell Court Cul-de-sac, Fourwinds Drive, Burberry Drive Barrick Drive, South Trainer Road, Willowick, Lane South Trainer Road, Moonhaven Guilford Road Cul-de-sac, Old Colony Bend Woodcreek Bend Cul-de-sac, Settlement Way Newburg Road Old Colony Bend, Tanglewood Lane, Spring Creek Road Cul-de-sac

Second Ward
Eighth Avenue, 17th Street, 20th Street, Greenwood Avenue, Chicago Avenue, Rome Avenue, Jackson Street Chicago, Avenue, Rockford Avenue

Third Ward
Barrington Road, Gorham Place, Brendenwood Road, Burrmont Road and Buckingham Drive

Fourth Ward
Auto Park Drive, East Riverside Boulevard, Weaver Road, Hermitage Trail, Kildeer Place, Mackinaw Trail, High Point Drive, St. Moritz Trail, Garden Lane, Imperial Oaks Drive, Spring Brook Road, Crofton Drive, Lansdale Drive Haddon Place Pepper Drive, Palo Verde Drive Mulford Road Kaiser Lane, Pepper Drive Alpine Road Pepper Court, Raspberry Trail Sherbrooke Road Cul-de-sac, Sherbrooke Road, Providence Forge Applewood Lane, Thyme Drive, Charing Drive, Crested Butte Trail

Seventh Ward
Alliance Avenue, Safford Road, Broadview Road, End of Broadview Road

Eighth Ward
Bavarian Lane, Angus Court, Foliage Lane, East Gate Parkway, 25th Street, 19th Avenue, Greendale Avenue, North Moor Drive, Colorado Avenue, North Moor Drive, Wendover Drive

Ninth Ward
Custer Avenue, North Church Street, Huffman Boulevard, Packard Parkway, Duesenberg Drive Cul-de-sac, Ridge Avenue, Pierce Avenue, Halsted Road, Sky Mist Way, Elmwood Road, Sundance Lane, Sundance Lane, Sky Mist Way, End of Sundance Lane

10th Ward
Alder Avenue, Raven Street, Turner Street, Belle Meade Lane, Emerson Drive, Blenheim Drive, Coolidge Place, Rural Street Cul-de-sac, Crosby Street, Fairview Boulevard, Thrush Circle, Dafred Drive, Sandra Lane, Donna Drive, Dempster Avenue, Emerson Drive, Blenheim Drive, Emerson Drive, Wind Point Drive, Larson Avenue, Glendale Avenue, Oak Grove Avenue, Michael Drive, Jackson Street, Hilton Avenue, Fairview Boulevard, Medford Drive, Redbluff Drive, Skyline Drive, Raven Street, North Alpine Road, Alder Avenue, Turner Street, Alder Avenue, Dawn, Avenue, Wind Point Drive, Glendale Avenue, Peter Avenue

11th Ward
Sixth Avenue, 10th Street, 11th Street

12th Ward
Deborah Avenue, North Main Street, End of Deborah Avenue, Oxford Street, Harper Avenue, Brown Avenue, Sunnyside Drive, Pleasant Valley Boulevard

13th Ward
Anderson Street, Day Avenue, Horace Avenue, Filmore Street, Arthur Avenue, Auburn Street, Green Street, Horace Avenue Vista Terrace, Horace Avenue, West State Street, Chestnut Street, Horace Avenue, Green Street, Taylor Street, Bluefield Street, North Avon Street, Waldo Street, Elm Street, Chestnut Street

14th Ward
Azure Court, Highfield Terrace Cul-de-sac, Berger Place, Highfield Terrace, Cul-de-sac, Carol Court, Starview Drive, Fletcher Place, Cleveland Avenue, Alpine Road, Holmes Street, Highfield Terrace, Villanova Drive, Wichita Drive, Laurel Cherry Drive, Willowick Lane, South Trainer Road, Wagonette Drive, Newburg Road, Sulkey Lane, Wichita Drive, Capetown Avenue Cul-de-sac

Rockford Township
Anderson Street, Day Avenue, Horace Avenue, Green Street, Horace Avenue, Vista Terrace, Horace Avenue, Elm, Street, Chestnut Street, Horace Avenue, Green Street, Preston Street

The full City Council meets on the first and third Monday of every month. Committee meetings are the second and fourth Monday. R.

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