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Your Horoscope: July 11, 2018


You’ll have a bit of trouble getting in touch with certain people, so expect to have to wait a while for an answer, even if you’ve already left several messages. Whether or not it’s an emergency, you’ll need to be patient.


You may need to review your budget and redo certain calculations. Double-check all your invoices this week to catch any mistakes. This might result in some serious savings.


You’ll have the desire to conquer the world this week. You’ll be highly motivated to improve your life and start fresh on a more solid foundation. You’ll experience a period of stimulating renewal.


Use the first few days of the week to reflect before you act. The bigger your plans, the more time you’ll need to think about them. You’ll find answers in action.


You’ll organize an event that will bring together many people. At the very least, know that you’ll go faster and farther by working as a team. Your friends will be particularly demanding with you, and you won’t feel able to turn down their requests.


You’ll take advantage of the summer to tackle a new project or redefine your career. You’ll find yourself in an excellent position to start your own business. You have many accomplishments on the horizon.


Hurry up and plan your summer vacation if you haven’t done so already. The longer you spend on the planning stages, the better. You’ll certainly make some extraordinary discoveries and have a ton of fun.


You’ll go through all sorts of emotions this week, and you’ll feel the need to make some significant changes around you. You’ll be greatly inspired by a long-term project, even if the idea makes you somewhat anxious.


Whether it’s for work or personal reasons, you’ll finally come to an agreement with people. You’ll be in an excellent position to request a loan from the bank or move forward with a financial transaction.


Work will take up most of your attention this week. You’ll have numerous details to consider. You’ll need to apply yourself and take your time in order to do things right the first time.


You’ll be put in charge of a very particular project. This will be a challenging situation for you, but your self-confidence will benefit in the long run.


Whether or not you’re on vacation, you’ll have to spend a good part of the week at home. Family matters will demand a lot of your attention this week. Your body needs rest.

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