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Your Horoscope: August 22, 2018


Summer vacation is barely over, and you’re already planning another trip with friends. At work, you’ll be asked to plan an event that will bring together many people.


Your desire to better yourself is becoming more and more central to your life. You might decide to change careers or start a big project this week, if only to prove to yourself that you can.


You won’t hesitate for very long before making a big decision regarding your personal or professional future. A business trip might take shape quite suddenly. It’s always a good idea to have an overnight bag ready, just in case.


Finding the perfect compromise isn’t always possible, especially when multiple people are involved. You’ll have to use your imagination in order to restore harmony and solve conflicts within your circle of friends.


It won’t take much to give your self-esteem a boost this week. Flaunt your newfound self-confidence, and you’ll see your credibility skyrocket. This could even lead you to a promotion at work.


You’ll set up a home office space. After taming your insecurities, your inner leader will awaken and you’ll finally succeed in starting your own business.


Love will be on your mind all week. It’s the little things that mean the most. Don’t be afraid to show your true feelings to the world.


You’ll start to consider buying or selling a property. You may even find a place to live that’s both cheaper and somehow nicer than your current accommodations. This will considerably improve your family’s quality of life.


You’ll have the opportunity to treat yourself this week, and you may even think about buying a car. Certain acquaintances will be highly demanding, but your patience is wearing thin. It’s better to say no today than to snap tomorrow.


Take a closer look at your finances: you just might find that you have the means to make a lifelong dream a reality. Your business acumen and creative drive will carry you all the way to the top.


You tend to get discouraged when faced with unpleasant or demanding tasks. The more you persevere, the better you’ll feel. Nothing can stop you once you put your nose to the grindstone.


Sometimes you need to take a step in order to gain a better perspective. You’ve arrived at a crossroads in your professional life. Play your cards wisely.

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