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Your Horoscope: September 19, 2018


You’ll re-evaluate your circle of friends and cut ties with those who constantly drain your energy. Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of by seemingly well-intentioned strangers.


If you have young children, you’d do well to discipline them a bit more consistently. You’ll feel like you need to walk on eggshells whenever you’re around a certain family member.


You’ll start to look at travel deals for the winter. At work, you may have to communicate with clients who speak a different language than you, but you’ll manage to understand and be understood in the end.


You’ll start to see encouraging results from a recent lifestyle change. This will motivate you to keep eating healthy food and exercising regularly.


A loved one will bring you on an adventure. Your need for an adrenaline rush will lead you out of your comfort zone. You’ll feel alive and truly proud of yourself.


You’ll let your inner leader shine this week and express your opinion with authority. Slowly but surely, you’ll get to the top of that corporate ladder. Don’t give up.


You’ll have a hard time resisting the call of the shopping mall this week. Treat yourself – a new wardrobe just might pave the way to new professional opportunities.


If something keeps breaking at home, this week would be the right time to permanently resolve the problem. You might take the opportunity to update your interior decor and add a few touches of color before the grey days of winter set in.


Don’t forget to have your car inspected from time to time, as breakdowns tend to happen at the worst possible time. Keep your phone and your laptop charged at all times; you never know when you might need them.


Having an active social life will inevitably require you to spend some money. You’ll need to make yourself a more detailed budget to be able to afford the leisure activities you enjoy most. Financial matters will be discussed at length at your workplace.


You’ll find yourself juggling new responsibilities at home and at work. You’ll need a hefty dose of patience and perseverance in order to get everything done despite stress and fatigue. Luckily, it’ll all be worth it in the end.


You might experience a few sleepless nights. Your mind will be particularly active and you’ll need to find an outlet for the extra energy in order to regain balance. A gym membership might be just what you need.

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