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Your Horoscope – November 20, 2019


If there’s friction in your relationship, you’ll want to resolve it quickly. At work or elsewhere, you’ll succeed in gaining respect during a difficult situation and feel quite proud of yourself.


You’ll need to show patience to a member of your family. You may start to take out the Christmas decorations and make your house sparkle like never before. The idea of moving could also come up.


For work or personal reasons, you’ll be on the move this week. By taking the lead, you’ll be able to resolve a conflict that’s been going on for a long time. Avoid criticizing your partner for small mistakes.


If your financial situation is precarious, you should be able to find a way to resolve it successfully. You won’t be able to keep your thoughts to yourself this week, which could lead to a management position.


Your thoughts will be all over the place this week. You’ll also start different projects without necessarily finishing them. You’ll also have many ideas for activities with friends. At work, a task will take more time than you thought.


Stress will completely drain your batteries this week. It’s important not just to rest, but also to take steps towards making considerable changes in your lifestyle. You’ll also begin a spiritual practice.


You’ll benefit from a very active social life. Even if you crave some solitude, there will always be someone to pull you out of your isolation and make you smile. Allow changes to guide you instead of resisting them.


You’ll probably be in charge of an event that will bring many people together. At work, you’ll succeed in combining business with pleasure and fun will dominate the office, making everyone more efficient.


Even with nothing planned, you’ll take a last minute trip. Try to stay focused on learning something new. At work, take the time to analyze even the smallest details.


Your emotions will dominate this week. The situation will force you to learn to let go and to deepen your spiritual awareness. In your relationship, remember to take the time to have some fun occasionally.


You’re not always patient with your partner. It would be a good idea to break out of the routine of your relationship and experience new adventures. Professionally, you’ll have enough confidence to make necessary changes.


You’ll take charge of all the little emergencies that pop up around you. This situation will prove to be profitable at work. In your love life, small details will show the intensity of your mutual feelings.

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