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Mayor announces plan to save Alpine Pool

Staff Report

ROCKFORD – Mayor Tom McNamara, on Friday, announced a plan that will reopen Alpine
Pool for the 2020 season.

The proposed deal includes the City’s Water Division reducing water related fees in the amount of $70,000 in exchange for Rockford Park District reopening Alpine Pool in 2020 and coordinating marketing activities with the City’s Water Division.

“Alpine Pool is a great community asset that provides recreational opportunities for the residents of Rockford. I believe that this agreement will allow the community to utilize this asset while the Park District continues to align its budget with services to the community,” McNamara said. “I want to thank Aldermen Frank Beach, Joe Chiarelli and Karen Hoffman for working with me on a solution to keep this community asset open.”

In summer 2018, Alpine Pool was open for 72 days. Approximately 16,285 people utilized the pool and another 250 kids participated in swimming lessons.

The City Council will vote on the resolution Monday.

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