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Homestretch for home rule vote

Just a few days remain to educate residents about a major ballot issue in Rockford. In this week’s WNIJ Friday Forum, Jenna Dooley talks with those involved in getting their message out to voters before they hit the polls on Tuesday.

Editorial. Vote yes on home rule

Rockford needs home rule; it’s that simple. Without it, the city’s interest rates will continue to climb, our industries will continue to miss opportunities, our citizens will continue to pay more for less.

Aldermen amend home rule recall ordinance

Rockford aldermen on Monday approved an amendment to an ordinance that would make it slightly difficult to recall the mayor if home rule is reinstated later this month.

Hervey sounds off about home rule

Rockford Alderman Venita Hervey says she spends much of her time ahead of the March 20 primary election urging the voters of her Fifth Ward to reinstate home rule after 35 years.

Transform Rockford endorses home rule

Spokesmen say the organization stands behind the March 20 referendum because it will allow the city to regain control of a destiny that is currently being controlled by leaders in Springfield.

Aldermen OK home rule limits

By Jim Hagerty Contributor CITY HALL -- Rockford aldermen, on Monday, approved a set of ordinances that would limit the city's powers as a home rule municipality if voters reinstate the provision this spring. Among the self-limiting ordinances approved was one that has raised significant concern--that leaders would have the power as a home-rule authority to raise property taxes at will, behind closed doors, or as high as they wish without voter approval. Under the ordinance, taxes cannot…

Groups pick sides on home rule

RAHMA's biggest point of concern is Rockford's hotel tax the city could increase with home rule powers. The Rockford Regional Good Government PAC says home rule would improve the city's quality of life.

City leaders get real about home rule

As the debate continues whether to reinstate home rule, Rockford leaders are cutting to the chase about what the tool could mean for the city.